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Project BEYOND receives CIHR funding!

ASPIRE Lab is proud to announce that the BEYOND (Body-function Enhancement for YOuth through participatioN in real-worlD contexts) project has received CIHR funding for a larger more rigorous cross-provincial study with 150 youth across Quebec and Ontario!

Our initial results from studies in Quebec show that targeting intervention at the activity/participation level can result in improvement of impaired body functions (e.g., balance, attention, anxiety) - important components to address in rehabilitation. Our team aims to continue studying the impact of participation by launching a larger more rigorous study.

We have partnered with major organizations providing rehabilitation services for youth- the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and Empowered Kids Ontario- as well as key community-based stakeholders including youth, clinicians, and managers to examine whether engaging in an 8-week community-based activity individually chosen by the youth (e.g., sledge hockey, drawing, playing a musical instrument) can lead to a significant improvement in three key body functions: motor, behavioral and emotional. Changes in their body functions (e.g., movement, attention, mood) will be measured multiple times before, during and after engagement in the chosen activity.

Findings of this study can guide clinicians, families and policy-makers to select effective approaches that not only promote participation but also facilitate additional motor and mental benefits from a single intervention.

Read full summary of the project here.

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