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8 abstracts and 1 instructional course from ASPIRE Lab accepted for the EACD 2022 conference!

Eight abstracts and one instructional course from the ASPIRE Lab have been accepted for presentation in the coming EACD conference! Congratulations to all members!

  1. Evaluating workplace participation using the Y-PEM: Perspectives of stakeholders from varying contexts by Saeideh Shahin

  2. Capturing participation patterns among transition-aged youth with visual impairments by Mallory Ryan

  3. Participation of school-aged children with ASD during the pandemic: the unique impact of parents’ participation by Ziru Wang

  4. Putting Participation-focused Knowledge Translation (P-KT) framework into Action in inclusive schools: Clinicians’ and managers’ perspectives by Michal Waisman-Nitzan

  5. Models and principles to guide the organization of physical and mental health services for youth: A scoping review by Stephanie Tremblay

  6. Collaborative Tiered School-Based Physiotherapy Service Delivery: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats by Eda Cinar

  7. Core attributes of Collaborative Tiered School-Based Physical Therapy Service Delivery Model by Eda Cinar

  8. Enhancing participation of youth and young adults with disabilities during a global pandemic: The impact of PREP intervention by Dana Anaby

  9. Networking to mobilize new knowledge around participation into practice: the Participation-focused Knowledge Translation (P-KT) roadmap by Dana Anaby

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